Camera Usage

this may be outdated

How to use the camera and manage the footage.

  1. Sound – use the shotgun microphone to get the best sound for the overall shots and use the lapel microphone for interviews. Turn off all microphones after use.

  2. Power – CHARGE camera after each use.

  3. Mode – Use automatic and MP4 for most conditions.

  4. Footage – Transfer footage from SD card to hard drive and file in correct weekly directory.

  5. Bag – Ensure that everything is back in the bag after finishing.

**See below for full instruction manual**

Bag contents

  • Camera

  • Shotgun microphone

  • Lapel microphone transmitter

  • Lapel microphone receiver

  • Lapel microphone converter cable

  • Camera charger

  • Spare battery

  • Head phones

  • Remote control

  • 2 x SD cards (in camera)

  • AV cables