New Members Information


You need to do all of the following in the first few weeks of joining the team

Background info


  • Talk to the memberships mentor (Andreas Heintze):
    • Get your parents added to the team's parents email list.
    • Get a email account — team correspondence will arrive here.
    • Get sent an electronic copy of the membership paperwork.
  • Choose a Section that you would like to work in. Talk to your Section Leader:
    • Give your Section Leader your email address and phone number.
    • Get the email address and phone number of your Section Leader. They are your first contact for everything - not just technical stuff. Ask them first!
  • Fill in and return your paperwork:
    • Signed copy of parental consent and code of conduct (scanned and emailed is okay).
    • Electronic copy of forms to make admin easier.
  • Pay your fees.


  • Talk to the Safety Captain and get him/her to explain the Incident Reporting procedure.
  • Read all the incident reports in the safety folder - learn from the mistakes of others!


  • Buy a pair of non-tinted (i.e. clear) safety glasses. (These are light, cheap and comfortable from Bunnings).
  • Fully enclosed shoes are required to enter the workshop.
  • A laptop will be required during to be able to contribute. Please don't forget your chargers, mouse etc.

Section Specific


  • Get your Section Leader to invite you to the team on Onshape.


  • Sign up for a free account on GitHub.
  • Browse the team's code repositories on GitHub.
  • Install a text editor such as Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text, or a Python IDE such as PyCharm.