Fabrication process


This page aims to provide an easy to follow guide for taking a part from cad file to a completed part, detailing all necessary steps that should be taken throughout this process.

Step 1: Create the drawing

  • Once you have a cad part that is ready to be made, a drawing of this part must be made first using the Onshape drawing procedure. This is further detailed in Drawings. Print this drawing and place it under the 'Not Approved Yet' section of the Drawing Folder.

Step 2: Checking and approval of the drawing

  • Once the drawing is complete a printed copy must be made to be checked and approved before manufacturing can begin.

  • To get a drawing checked take it to any mechanical member of the team who will check that all required dimensions are on the drawing for fabrication to be possible and sign in the appropriate location of the drawing.

  • To get a drawing approved take it to any mentor affiliated with the subsystem that part belongs to. The mentor will then either approve the part to be made by signing in the appropriate location or require that the drawing be remade due to errors.

  • Once the drawing is approved place it into the 'Approved' section in the Drawings Folder.

Step 3: Making the part

  • Only parts with approved drawings can be fabricated.

  • Take the drawing of the part out of the 'Approved' section which appears under each mechanism in the Drawings Folder and manufacture the part per the drawing's specifications.

  • DO NOT use any drawings that are not placed under the 'Approved' section to manufacture parts.

  • Remember to check the quantity of a part on the assembly drawing that the part belongs to.

Step 4: Getting the part checked

  • Once the part has been completed take it along with the drawing to the subsystem section lead or a mentor affiliated with the subsystem for a quality check.

  • They will then check that the part that has been manufactured is matching the drawing and is suitable for use on the robot.

  • Write 'Checked by' and the person who has checked the part on the drawing.

Step 5: Marking the part as complete

  • Once the part has been checked and is deemed acceptable by the section leader or a mentor from that section, the drawing of the part should be placed in the Drawing Folder under the 'Completed' section of the subsystem.

  • The part should then be checked off on the assembly drawing of the related subsystem.

  • The part should then be placed in the subsystem's tote/box.