The steps below are used to set out the proper procedures that need to be taken prior to purchasing any parts or products. The purpose of this is so that the team avoids any mistakes in products, shipping, quantity or quality.

These procedures ***MUST*** be followed for every item purchased.

To qualify to be able to be purchased, an item must first be on a completed bill of materials with an item in it's project.


Once the above condition is met, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. On another tab of the project's Bill of Materials spreadsheet, the section leader/project manager (Kashif or Daniel) will then nominate it for purchasing. this involved adding the following information to the project's purchasing sheet
    1. Part Name
    2. Price (Price must be AS QUOTED on the website, currency conversion will happen on the sheet if required)
    3. Quantity
    4. URL to Part on supplier website
    5. Estimated shipping cost if available
    6. A "Status" column with the status of the item must be added and initialised to "Unapproved", to avoid confused
  2. Section leader will then ask the Skipper or Vice for approval.
  3. Skipper or Vice will then question Section Leader about the purpose of the item, why we chose to get exactly that model. They will also ensure that no further items need to be ordered from that supplier. They will then check the supplier's website against the spreadsheet to confirm details about the item.
    1. If details for the part on the spreadsheet are incorrect, the item must be re-nominated by the Section Leader
  4. Once the section leader is satisfied, they will get a mentor to sign off on the item. Once this is done, the item status on the Bill of Material purchasing tab will be changed to "Pending order"
  5. The purchasing officers will then purchase the item. once the order is complete, the status will be changed to "Pending delivery".
  6. If freight forwarding is required, the package will be released from the freight forwarder upon arrival.
  7. Once the item arrives, the item status will be changed to "Delivered".

Supplier Documentation

Documentation and info on supplier is available here (no way to create a table in google wiki :/): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11CjBjHUmZk8BkGgD0BKgg7GWOnl9DL-4BXOBW9vN9gA/edit#gid=0

Sheet embed below:

Supplier Documentation