IT Admin

General IT accounts

Everyone on the team gets a Google account.

Each member of the team is added to one of two Google Groups for the purposes of emails and Drive permissions:

  • students

  • mentors

Management will have firstname@tdb where practical, students will get firstname.surname@tdb.

All team members are required to create and log into Slack ( using their Google account.

Management accounts

On Slack, there are user groups for @mentors and @student-leadership. Adding someone to these groups will automatically invite them to the management channel.

Nobody should be invited into the management channel directly.

Student leadership

The student leadership are direct members of the management Google Group.

New members of the student leadership will receive the email address firstname@tdb.

So far, firstname@tdb has been made the default email address in the event they move into a management role. This has proven to be a mess with Slack logins, but is somewhat manageable; just remember to change their email address in Slack for them before they break things. Due to this breakage, the student leadership will now keep their full name as their primary email address.

The skipper, vice, and seccos will receive admin access to the G Suite and Slack. (Seccos will receive the helpdesk role in the G Suite admin panel to allow for password resets.)

Skipper / Vice

The skipper and vice captain will also receive the email aliases skipper@tdb and vice.captain@tdb respectively.

They will also be a member of the following shared inboxes:

  • enquiries

  • purchasing

  • sponsorship

The skipper and vice will also need to be manually made a manager of the sponsors list.

I have contemplated making the skipper and vice.captain aliases a Google Group instead to simplify this, but… hm. Maybe I'll actually enact this during this off-season. This has now happened.

Internal mailing lists

Our internal mailing lists cannot receive emails from outside the team.

It is recommended that for any emails to these that are also being sent to external parties, the mailing list should be bcc'd and enquiries should be cc'd, to avoid annoying the third parties when they try to reply-all.


The management mailing list is set up to be completely private — nobody outside of management is able to send emails to the list.

Emails sent to the management group automatically have the reply-to set to management for convenience. (We don't keep secrets amongst ourselves.)


This is an internal mailing list that includes everyone on the team (students and mentors).


This used to be a convenience mailing list for management to send out to the team and parents. It no longer exists as of 2021-10-24.

External mailing lists


All parents (using their email addresses provided via the member form) should be on the parents mailing list.

Posts to the parents list are semi-moderated; any emails sent by non-parents to the parents mailing list must be approved by a mentor.

Shared inboxes

These are groups that are intended to receive external emails.


The #purchasing channel on Slack is subscribed to the purchasing shared inbox.

Cloud storage

We primarily use Google Drive's shared drives to share files.

For this wiki to be visible to the public, the Google Drive file for this wiki must be in a shared drive that allows adding external people to files.