Basic Information

  • Git is what is called a version control system. It allows multiple people to contribute to and write code for the same project, therefore avoiding having to copy and paste work.
  • All of Team 4774's software projects are on the GitHub repository here.
  • James has written a tutorial on how to install Git on Linux.
  • Difference between Git and GitHub: Git is the version control system, while GitHub is the place where the Git repositories are hosted.


  • Do not use the online editor on GitHub, make sure you use the command line.
  • Make your commit messages descriptive of what you have done in the commit.
  • IMPORTANT: Compile and test before you commit!
  • Make your commits small and easily testable.
  • Always pull before you commit.
  • When you are done working, ask Arthur one of the software leads to pull your work to master.

More Information