Developer Guide

OS setup

Your operating system is what determines many things. Your operating system determines how you are able to install programs. Laptops come with an operating system preinstalled in most cases it is Windows. Although it is possible to install another os apart from the one that comes with your laptop.

Python setup

The first step is to install python, on our team we use python 3.6 this will have to be downloaded from here.

After that there are many python libraries used by our team.

To install these libraries:

  • Windows

py -3 -m pip install -pyfrc

  • Linux and Mac OS

pip3 install -U pyfrc

Text editor setup

What is a text editor? It is what programmers use to edit their code. It is important to think what you want to get out of your text editor. Some features to consider about a text editor include: auto save, syntax highlighting (basically colouring text), linting (showing warnings and errors within your code).

Recommended text editors:

  • Pycharm download here
    • Pycharm has syntax highlighting, built in linting
  • VS Code download here
    • Vs Code has syntax highlighting and doesn't have built in linting but it is possible to install linting


Git is a version control manager and allows for collaboration between people whilst working on a repository.

How do I get git?

Windows and Mac OS here

Linux git comes preinstalled.

How do I use git?

Here there will be a general overview of git commands:

  • To download a repository

git clone url of repository

  • To add a file that has been changed

git add filename:

  • How do I commit my changes to my repository?

git commit -m "Useful commit message."

git push

Coding standards

All team code must conform to our style guides. See the Coding Standards page.